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The Washed Cotton-the Cloth Or The Cotton?

Jan 04, 2019

    When we talk about washed cotton,it is usually introduced as a fabric, because the commonly used material is cotton, and after washing with cotton cloth effect, so we call it washed cotton. In fact, it is a kind of washed cloth.

     Washed cloth is a kind of textile developed by the international textile industry in the early 1980s. China has been trial-produced in 1983, mainly for exporting. In the past two years, it has also become popular in the domestic textile circle.

     Washed cloth is popular in the international market due to its natural surface , long-lasting simplicity,  soft hand feel, easy to wash and moderate price. The washed cloth is a pleated fabric, which is a kind of crepe fabric.It is a special finishing process and the style of its formation is mainly for catering to the different requirements of consumers for the retro psychological changes of fabrics, as well as the need for comfortable and casual wearing feeling.

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