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The Boat Is To Set Sail

Aug 31, 2018

Another theme hotel of “Cruise”will open in Changzhou city,Jiangsu Province. During the eve of the official opening of the theme hotel, 285 rooms were all booked.Why it is so hot?Let's start the discovery tour.

If a hotel can be remembered, the hotel lobby must be the first to be different. Not like other hotels, this hotel is not so luxurious. We are like in a Caribbean pirate ship. It is novel ,interesting and amazing.


Next, we come to the library of the cruise ship and we are immediately attracted by the books. Wandering in the sea of books, accompanied by the aroma of coffee, we relax our body and mind.


After the lobby, the theme restaurant is before us.  The table linens like the table runner,the napkin,the table cloth are provided by Sidefu Textile.



Leaving the restaurant, we go to the guest room. First of all, The room is a twin room and the overall color is navy, which is fresh and natural, without extra decoration. Sitting on the bed, it is very comfortable and soft. Wish every customer have a good night sleep.


The theme room of city of port is like a boat. The wooden walls and floors seem to be in the cabin, and the deck is on the ground. The beds in each room are equipped with high-density bedding, allowing you to find a quiet place in the ocean.


We go on this journey and find a magical coral sea. Entering the room, it seems to sneak into the sea floor. The corals and other lovely marine life are surrounded by sea water. There are still a few boxes of treasures in the water, waiting for you to discover the secrets of the seabed. 


I have to say that the theme rooms of captain are really eye-catching. This is a 2 large 2 small family room. Entering the room, it seems that we come to a tribe filled with an exotic atmosphere.  The tree-like small room is prepared for children. The children are sure to be happy and have fun there. 


This unique and eye-catching hote hotel, in addition to the design, the rooms all use  "Sidefu" brand linen,  Sidefu sales and design team spent months providing solutions of  materials, patterns, colors, and styles. Sidefu also gave the training, on-site guidance, washing and maintenance for the hotel personnel. Sidefu – one of the famous hotel linen suppliers in China, is dedicated to the research of hotel linen integration solutions for 34 years.


Guys, are you ready to set sail?