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Quilt Cover

Oct 20, 2016

Quilt cover, known as the "quilt", set in the blanket out and avoid dirty quilts, easy to clean. Fall into bed supplies category.

Pick a good living quilt is a perfect start, so how should we pick a quilt?

The first step: color----General quilt designs into jacquard and printed two, two different colors, but in comparison, jacquard to be more abrasion resistance and durability. Printing of various colors, beautiful, beautiful. But printing we can't tell the bad dye material, grade level is uneven, and prone to allergies, and if you like elegant color, recommended more Jacquard quilt cover.

The second step: touch the texture---when we buy clothes, often likes to use her hands to touch the clothes fabrics, this principle can also be used in our selection of quilt when good quality duvet cover will have smooth, soft feel. Perfect contact with the skin.

Third step: smell smell---quilt cover can has what smell, if put two a different grade of quilt cover put in with for compared, actually is easy on will smell out two bed quilt cover of different taste, especially printing quilt cover, good of printing quilt cover you is smell not out has what special of asked to of, if is printing quilt cover bad, manufacturers General will used various rich of spice to cover impurities smell, so general fragrance will compared strong.

Fourth step: pick details---if you check of enough carefully, on should will put quilt cover turned came check, many when, quilt cover of good and bad on will reflected in here, quilt cover good of, in it of layer you will found processing of meticulous of pins processing, no extra of threads, also no broken received of threads, so many when, details is reflected quality of key.