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Give Me One Sofa The Entire World Is Mine

Aug 22, 2017

After a busy day, would you like a place undisturbed to relax yourself and empty your mind?

In the Living Room


We meet our friends and visitors here.Why not put a bean-bag sofa and some stools at the corner of it?We chat and we laugh.I think it's a good thing after a exhausting schedule.

At the Balcony


Today,the sun is shining.After lunch, you are used to sitting in the soft sofa not to think about anything.You watch out of the window,looking at the flowers and plants.Every day is a beautiful day.

Outdoor Recreation


The air is fresh after the rain.Beside the swimming pool and under the sunshade,you just close your eyes and meditate.You breathe in and breathe out.Your body and your soul regain calm,only hearing the leaves rustling and birds twittering.