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Duvets How To Wash

Oct 20, 2016

Wool was cleaned for the first step: soaking in cold water first, again with warm water containing detergent and polished.

Is first soaked in cold water down, wetting down as fully as possible, then add 30 degree Celsius warm water containing detergent, or washing powder, soaked after a certain time and then gently scrub with a soft brush. Under normal circumstances, two basins of water to add four or five tablespoons of detergent is too thick, all put into wash when washing liquid to remove after drying fabrics often have said before the white SOAP stains, greatly reducing its thermal properties.

Duvet cleaning step two: attention concentration of detergent, add vinegar to remove (dissolved).

Detergent concentration should also pay attention to, in order to avoid SOAP stains or duvet down jacket fabric, subject to proper regulation of washing liquid concentrations, the cast floated after twice put two tablespoons of vinegar in the water, vinegar and down or duvet in the remaining liquid. It should be noted that adding vinegar to water must be heated so that down or down comforters in a washing liquid dissolves in the water.