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Duvet Features

Oct 20, 2016

1. Down comforters are warm and high elasticity, high fill power and light. Soft. Soft features.

Tests with fiber content is 50% down, it's light and fluffy cotton 2.8 times times, wool 2.2 times. The same volume of natural down quilts, down comforters, the lightest, about 1/3 of the quilts, wool yarn was 1/2, down is not only soft and warm and touching the skin.

2. Dry down comforters are breathable, moisture is strong, does not harden and moisture divergence with other warm material does not have good performance, known as "breathing quilts". In quilt of family in the, down was is most expensive of has, down was of warm sex undoubtedly, due to down itself is triangle skeleton structure, so air of store volume than larger, across temperature sex good, can keep quilt in of human of temperature, not easy by indoor temperature of effect, this on representative General bedroom in the are can using down was, is not non-to temperature is low only can using, spring, and autumn, and winter three a season are can with.