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Duvet Coverage

Oct 20, 2016

Down comforters are durable, but in beauty also play a certain effect. Down comforters are not harden or deform, very durable, usually a down comforters can be used for more than 30 years. Usually as long as the attention not be pierced by sharp profit, do not direct sunlight, placed in a ventilated place to dry on a regular basis to keep down property. And it makes the central nervous to settle quickly into sweet dreams, so also have some effect on the beauty, "natural beauty under the Duvet" is the truth.

Duvets suitable for and prevention of rheumatic fever in patients with hypertension and arthritis. During sleep in patients with high blood pressure, cannot cover the quilt is too heavy, or have an impact on blood pressure. Duvets in bedding material in the most gentle of all, patients with no pressure.

Due to the cold and damp of people susceptible to wind erosion risk of rheumatism and arthritis. Down comforters in addition to superior thermal performance, but also air conditioning, that drain water out of the body, and keeps the body dry, not suffering from rheumatism and arthritis.

Other quilt normal life expectancy is only about 5 years, and maintain proper duvets can be used for more than 18 years, so although duvet prices are relatively expensive, but nice. Duvet Japan penetration rate is over 70%, a penetration rate of around 60% in Europe and America, foreign luxury five-star hotel rates up to 80% or more, has become a high quality refined ...