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Down Comforters

Oct 20, 2016

Duvet filling is mainly down, down are in the belly of the geese and ducks, as Reed flower-like fluff, patches of feathers. As the feather is an animal protein fibers, cotton (vegetable cellulose) of high thermal insulation and down spherical clouds of thousands of triangles on the fiber fine small pores, can change with temperature expansion and contraction, thermostat function to absorb the movement of body heat, cut off from the outside world the invasion of cold air.

According to the bedding industry standard QB/T1193-2012 standard duvet filler ingredients must be 100% down feathers, and cashmere content of greater than or equal to 50%[1], down comforters are core into white goose down, grey goose, White Duck, grey duck down, mixed with a variety of ducks and geese. Was the core quality of mainly depends on the volume of standard cashmere and wool-filled. Their characteristics are as follows, natural goose down: wool, feather flower stems smaller, good quality, flexibility, strong warm; down jacket: wool, feather flower stalk than goose down is poor, but high quality, flexibility and warmth. Some well-known brands of duvet and Xing Wang, CA Ty mix, Carolina, Bo Yang, dream clean, Liu Qiao, Cheng Yu, Bedtex, Divi, Maison elements, Winslow, Yan Huang, best cold, hongrun, LSI, North Swan poem Nolan, diouda, fly Toshihiro, sanhong, fly, shangyu, and so on.