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Buying Guide To Mattress Pads & Toppers

Aug 04, 2017

Think mattress pads are just a required cover for your bed? Well, you’re partly right—every mattress does need a cover to protect from typical wear and tear. But the right mattress topper can do more: Some protect mattresses from dust, dander, and spills, some help the bed stay at a comfortable sleeping temperature, some reduce how much the bed moves when a sleeper tosses and turns, and some can even make a so-so feeling mattress a fabulous place to sleep.

If you want to find the right mattress topper for you, this guide can help.


Why Do You Need A Mattress Pad?

Most people buy a new mattress pad because they either have a new mattress that they want to protect or because they're looking to make their bed more comfortable.

What Are You Protecting Your Mattress From?

To protect against...Consider...
Everyday wear and tearA basic cotton mattress pad
Liquids and spillsA waterproof mattress pad
Allergens like dust, dust mites and pet danderA mattress pad enhanced with anti-allergen properties
Bed bugsA mattress protector with bedbug barriers

What Would Make Your Mattress More Comfortable?

If you want...Consider...
Temperature controlMattress pads filled with natural fibers like cotton, wool, or down.
A bed that adjusts to my bodyA down-filled mattress pad, which is fluffy and comfortable-and will help keep the temperature even while you sleep. (If you're concerned about allergies, you can also opt for a down-alternative mattress pad.)
A Visco Elastic mattress pad
can also conform better to your body-these synthetic pads respond to body heat, getting softer in the spots you press the mattress most, and staying firm elsewhere-so they feel like they're supporting you where you need it. 
And if you opt for a cotton mattress pad, look for one with a higher fill count, which will feel softer.
More firmnessA latex mattress pad or a Visco elastic pad can add more firmness to the mattress for a more supported feeling.
Reducing motionA mattress pad made with Memory Foam or latex will reduce the transfer of motion, meaning one side won't move as much when the other one does.