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Benefits Of Down Comforters

Oct 20, 2016

Our physician Li Shizhen in compendium of Materia Medica is mentioned: "goose-abdominal chorionic villus wadding for clothing, and soft and cold, especially suitable solution of infant epilepsy induced by terror. "Down as warm material has has a long history of human use.

On the degree of warmth, France study published scientific research institutions showed that until now the world has no warm warmth than down. Down with good elasticity, 2.2 times of wool, so down is not only soft and warm and touching the skin is also very good.

Using feather as a filler made of duvets, have started a long time ago. At that time in Europe, the luxury down comforters only noble people can enjoy. With the development of society, duvets became popular in the developed countries in Europe and America, become the necessary bedding they sleep. Down comforters use Group by the nobility extended to the richest families. With the improvement of people's living standards further, down comforters and finally went into the homes of ordinary people, everyone can enjoy the most comfortable bedding supplies.

Healthy bodies as well as comfortable sleeping conditions, are two major factor in creating quality sleep. While the sleep environment is bedroom environment plus bedding environments. Dorm room environment, namely bedroom consisting of various substances in the environment, such as humidity, temperature, light (lighting), noise, and color as well as flavor, and so on. Excessive external stimuli, such as bedding that is too bright colors, may affect the brain, make it difficult to fall asleep. Bedding conditions, is made up of bedding and human environment. Want bedding that ideal environment, starting from the choice of bedding. In General, bedding most comfortable temperature and humidity in the environment, is the temperature at 33 degrees Celsius, humidity around 50%. Down comforters, down bedding will be able to do it perfectly.