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Automatic Computer Quilting Machine

Dec 30, 2016

The machine is our factory for quilting features after many years of development and the development of a super high speed and high precision long arm computer quilting machine. To optimize the combination of machine transmission, so as to solve the many quilting machine manufacturing factory technical bottleneck, so that the models to achieve ultra high speed, high stability, function more perfect models.
The design and manufacture of the perfect stitch aesthetic symmetry, quilted products meet the export requirements, make all customer satisfaction. The computer version system uses the advanced software, has the very strong pattern editing function, enables the user to be able to conveniently and quickly the design pattern.
All patterns and procedures are stored in 3.5 "floppy disk or U disk (and use), more convenient and flexible. Computer display, preset parameters and working conditions in the quilting pattern English way. According to the screen, the operator can select the required working parameters, such as the length of stitch length, the speed of needle and so on. Quilting, screen for real-time dynamic tracking and pattern color display. On the line, the nose is automatically moved to the edge of the rack. In line, head can reset to the disconnection and along the original route back the number of needles, and then continue to quilting.