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All Are Called Polyester Fibers, Why The Price Is Different?

May 24, 2018

Some customers often ask us why these two pillows filled with polyester fibers, the price can be so different? Give a simple and easy example to understand, all the cars can go on the road, but the price is different.Is that true?

In fact, polyester fiber is a big family, which will be divided into a lot of classification, each classification under the characteristics of the fiber is different. Of course, the price will be different. The following is a brief list of several common fibers.

Fiber fineness is an index indicating fiber thickness and is expressed in dtex (abbreviated as "D" for short). The general specifications of conventional bedding stuffs are 6D, 7D, 8D, 15D, etc., and the length is usually 64mm.7D polyfiber pillows are comfortable and the prices are relatively cheap.

Another polyfiber is called as 4 hollow fibers.The more holes in the fiber, the better the air permeability, warmth and fluffiness, and the softer it is. Because the air is stored in the cavity, the more the number of holes, the more air. Therefore, there are "holes" that can be used to keep warm in winter, and in summer can also be used. This kind of fiber is more expensive than 7D cotton. 

Microfiber has a downy soft feel and a sense of lightness, high quality warmth, ultra-fine feel, excellent elasticity. When made of bedding, it can be campared to down bedding in appearance to a certain extent, but the price is much cheaper than down.

Bio-based fiber is a higher-end technology in polyester fiber fillers and the price is slightly higher.The slow rebound effect fits the body curve. What's more, because of the nature of the fiber's natural curling characteristics, the bio-based fiber pillow core maintains a longer period of fluffiness and elasticity.