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Advantages Of Duvet

Oct 20, 2016

A, soft warm: the world does not have any natural warm warmth than down. Coupled with down comforters and elastic, so down is not only soft and warm, and touching the skin is good!

Second, moisture divergence: the dry down comforters are breathable, moisture divergence with other warm material does not have good performance, known as "breathing quilts". Central nervous system to settle quickly into a sweet sleep, beauty has a certain effect, "beauty under the Duvet" precisely because of this reason.

Three, and human in sleep state Xia, each late about discharge 170cc of water, General bedding in using soon Hou will will accumulated too much of water, easy formed germs breeding of hotbed. caused skin or tracheal of does not apply, due to down fiber in the has thousands of will breathing of triangle stomatal and surface contains waterproof oil, can with outside temperatures and humidity changes automatically contraction or expansion, can quickly absorption human of sweat and the moisture and fast divergent, keep quilt of clean and human dry, long-term using also can prevent rheumatism of produced.