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Why the brand hotel linen more expensive?

Dec 11, 2018

    The brand hotel linen has its own R&D design department, which leads the social trend in design style and pattern development. A good idea requires a lot of market research and constan experimentation. Before the finished product comes out, we don't know how many manuscripts will be discarded. It requires a lot of manpower and capital cost.


    A good product means good fabric. Almost the same set of bedding or duvets, brand materials are better than many small manufacturers, which means much cost.


    Many small businesses  want to pursue quality, and they want to continue to grow and make great efforts. They have also made efforts in selecting materials, but they have neglected a link, which is the artificial choice. Of course, this is also a two-way problem. The same four piece set, the big brand may cost 30 yuan in labour, but the small brand only needs 10 yuan in labour. The difference is in the workmanship. more excellent employees will consider large companies, which is a virtuous circle for the brand company. Their products have exquisite workmanship, no pinholes, even fabric surface, fine texture, clear printing and luster, while small enterprises have obvious pinholes and uneven stitches.


     The brand company has a complete service experience system, pre-sales solution, after-sales service, online shop, offline stores and so on. A strong service team is a guarantee for consumers and a strong backing for the image.  The brand pays more attention to quality, reputation, service and customer experience. In the whole process of purchasing and using, you can enjoy more than high-quality products, as well as their professional after-sales service, brand hotel linen can always bring surprise to your life.