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Which bedding fabrics are easily to get pilling?

Jul 18, 2018

What fabrics are good for bedding? Which bedding fabrics are the easiest to get pilling? Fabric pilling, usually found after the use. The fabric has repeated friction,then the fiber fluffs, and finally the pilling occurs. The fiber pilling is related to the following factors:

*Short fibers are easy to get pilling; in the unit length, the short fibers are exposed to the yarn and the surface of the fabric has more fiber ends and poor holding force, so it is easy to get pilling. For example, short fibers include: bamboo fiber, wool,etc.

*The fiber strength is high; the fiber that is rubbed out is not easy to fall off. In this case, there are generally in blends, such as polyester cotton. Mixing two kinds of fibers, one strong and one weak is easy to occur.

*The yarn has low twist, the yarn twist is low, and the mobility of the fiber is increased, so that the fiber is easily taken out during the rubbing process to form a fluffing phenomenon.

*The structure of the fabric:in general, the probability of pilling is high: satin > twill > plain. Mainly because the tighter the fabric, the higher the holding power, the less likely it is to pilling.

The pilling of the bedding fabric does not necessarily mean that the fabric is not good. Some are due to the characteristics of the fabric, and may also be electrostatic pilling with the clothing during use, and sometimes improper washing will also cause the fabric to get pilling. There is still a way to ease it a little.

IMG_0009 副本.jpg

1. Wash thoroughly according to the washing instructions.

2. When washing the bed, adding a softener will alleviate the problem of pilling.

3. The time for cleaning the bedding should not be too long.

4. Trim the hair ball with a transparent glue or with a hair ball trimmer.

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