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What's under the hotel bed sheet?

Jul 13, 2018

As we all know, in order to provide hotel guests with a better quality of sleep experience, high-end hotels always pay more attention in the selection of mattresses.

According to relevant sources, the average price of mattresses for hotels such as Marriott, Hilton and Intercontinental is around 1-2 million. The mattresses are products that are used by the guests every day. It is difficult to avoid the appearance of dirt. If you clean them directly, it will not only take time and effort, but also the cost is high. 

Then how can we solve this problem?

Smart hotel people can easily solve it with a mattress protector.

The most important function of the mattress protector is that it can protect the mattresses which can prevent from external factors such as water, dirt and oil, and lay it on the mattress to ensure the cleanness of the mattress.At the same time, the mattress protector is inexpensive, detachable and washable, and effectively protects the precious hotel mattress.


At present, in the high-end hotel market, the choices for the protection pad are: flame retardant protection pad, water-washing cotton protection pad and so on. The mattress protector protects the bed,but the comfort of the guest relies on the mattress topper.Besides, because the mattress topper has a certain height and curvature, it can make the whole bed more round and full.


The filling of mattress topper can be polyfiber,microfiber, down and more. In the high-end hotel market, the down mattress topper is welcome and the mattress toppers recognized by Hilton Group as international linen standards.


Therefore, when purchasing, whether it is a mattress protector,a mattress topper, or other products, it is necessary to combine the needs of customers, sleep experience and other factors to choose the most suitable products to protect and care for the most important people!