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What is Pima Cotton?

Nov 10, 2017

We normally use pima cotton to produce our luxurious bed linen.Pima cotton, also called extra long staple (ELS), is a type of cotton grown primarily in Peru, the southwestern United States and Australia. It is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and is extremely durable and absorbent. This type of cotton is named after the Pima, a group of American Indians who first cultivated the plant in the U.S., but the cotton's origins are its cultivation in Peru. 

Similar to Egyptian Cotton

This type of cotton bears some similarity to many forms of Egyptian cotton, which is frequently used in towels and sheets. Egyptian cotton has a much more extensive weave than other types of cotton. Towels made from Egyptian cotton are particularly desirable because they are very soft and help absorb water quickly. Growers in the southwestern U.S., where the climate is somewhat similar to that of Egypt, began growing a type of cotton that was a mix of Egyptian and other types of cotton. Pima cotton is a little shorter than Egyptian cotton but still yields a thread that can be woven multiple times into a piece of fabric to create a dense, soft fabric.


One of the advantages of pima cotton is that the thickness of the cloth it weaves creates a very durable fabric. Marketers of this cotton claim that their products can last as much as 50 percent longer than fabrics made from other forms of cotton.