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Towel care

Oct 21, 2016


Ethnic patterns: bath towels pattern like the beauty of nature as rich, plain weave, satin, spiral, cut pile, no twisting, jacquard and other processes, is able to weave beautiful patterns. Pattern clear full, clear and strong sense of relief, soft pile carefully, soft to the touch and comfortable for the top grade.

Ethnic patterns popular not only in fashion and home accessories on the limelight. In General, the plain coloured towels in the production process as far as possible without using dyes, printing and dyeing, even before using dyes for environmentally friendly dyes, without any additives.


Bath towels are not as thick as possible, and too heavy after the wet towel and slow to dry, is not easy to carry out and change it frequently. Therefore, the towels the weight per square metre is a measure of its quality keywords. Thick and light, is the best bath towels features of, can guarantee the towel feels fluffy and comfortable.

A thick, rather, durable towel weighs about 500 g, a standard size bath towels, weighing 450 grams, meet the standard towel light weight, dry speed is fast, suitable for carrying.


Due to the towel is in direct contact with the body, daily necessities, so in the production process to be bleached, dyed, comfort and other chemical processes. Soft, absorbent and durable towel for the top grade. Best towel is always in the detail of the superior chip, such as clean, beautiful, do hidden in signs next to the junction, which is more durable.