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The height of the pillow just how high would be good?

Oct 20, 2016

Pillow high school boxing, used fist half taller side sleeping pillow is appropriate. But according to medical research, healthy 8 hours of sleep, the pose transformation is about 20-45 times, and half of the positions in less than 5 minutes to transform, 60% on your back, 35% side, 5% is the prone position. So despite the fact that people often need the pillow height vary, every height, shoulder width, weight, head circumference, the length of the neck the neck ARC-related, there is no certain standard, but most people sleep more time due to the use of supine posture most doctors will recommend the use of a little more than a punch on high, a fist should not reach a half height.

Reasonable height of pillow, in recent years the emergence of new research results. In the entry level in pillows, gives a table, called the "bold correct" answer. This understanding applies the principle of ergonomics, abstract a research phase at the beginning of the model: "when people by supine rest, sleep, can keep the natural shape of the body and do not nest neck (that is, without bending the neck. ) "– On the basis that, according to the national standard GB10000-88 of the Chinese adults anthropometric data, through research, analysis, make the necessary approximation of set, appropriately classified, and round the whole treatment, and Chinese adults is derived a reasonable right side pillow height and back sleeper high table. This is a system, summed up the whole picture, so much more before it's all science, including the distinction between men and women, standing tall, medium, low, and also takes into account the anatomy of the head and neck, a clear distinction between lay on his back and side, reasonable and suitable pillow height data grid