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The Double Layer Yarn Bedding You Should Know

Dec 17, 2018

    What is the fabric of cotton double-layer yarn? The advantage of double layer yarn is that two layers are intertwined. This double layer yarn bedding has good breathability. It is widely used in maternal and child textile products, such as  baby pajamas, children's bathrobes, baby diapers etc.

    Double-layer yarn literally may be simply understood as: "It's just more than one layer ." This understanding is good but not entirely correct. It is true that the two layers are woven at the same time, but the two layers are inseparable and tightly fit together. In the process of weaving, every two centimeters or one inch will have a yarn to link the two layers together, which becomes the node in the middle of the two layers. The important role of this node is to prevent the two layers from being shifted during use.So that the neat surface of the bedding can be effectively maintained.