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The difference between combed cotton and pure cotton

Oct 25, 2018

Combed cotton is a type of fiber whose shorter fiber is removed in the comber. However, pure cotton is a kind of fabric made from cotton. What's the difference between them and which one is better?

The difference between combed cotton and pure cotton, first of all, thery are very similar in appearance. The colors are white and look soft . Only in terms of craftsmanship, they have certain differences. The combed cotton will clean out a lot of foreign substances in the process of making the fabric. Compared to pure cotton, combed cotton is smoother and less prone to pilling.

Another difference between combed cotton and pure cotton is that the combed cotton fabric is more breathable and comfortable and the combed cotton shrink less than pure cotton. Relatively speaking, combing cotton is less prone to deformation and more durable. However, the texture of combed cotton is not as good as pure cotton. The texture of cotton is better and the quality is higher.

Combed cotton and pure cotton are healthy fabrics. Both have good hygroscopicity, breathability, warmth, so they are widely used in textiles.