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Some lies in hotel textile-Part 2

Apr 02, 2018

Liar 4

Hotel:Do your towels fall hair?

Supplier:Certainly not.

Wrong! Cotton towels are sure to fall hair. Because the towels are woven with cotton yarn, the function of the towels is to absorpt water. If you want soft feeling, the towels can not use yarns with too large twist. But the lower the cotton yarn twist is, the cotton fibers will be easily dispersed, resulting in hair pulling and hair loss.

If towels won't fall hair, it can be as hard as iron.Lol.

Liar 5

Hotel:What is the weight of your product?


Wrong!The weight of the product=the weight of the fabric+the weight of the filling. So you should know what's the exact meaning of the weight.

Liar 6

The good linen is by planting.

Wrong! Though good cotton is necessary,the production,the tecnics,the bleaching and dyeing and inspection is must for a good hotel linen product. Nantong, the land of textile. Sidefu has the control ability of all process.So you have our trust.