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Some lies in hotel textile-Part 1

Mar 30, 2018

Liar one

Hotel  :What's the percentage of your goose down?


Wrong!The highest percentage of goose down is 95%. Even if we own the high technology, we can't totally seperate the down from the useless substance.

 Liar two

Hotel  :The higher the density,the better the fabric ?


Wrong! Higher the density, higher the thread count. But we should assure the softnness and comfort under the high density.

Liar three

Hotel: The fabric is 100 cotton,will it shrink?

Supplier: No.We use special technics.

Wrong! If the fabric is 100 polyester, or cotton hotel linen will shrink.What we say specal technics can only reduce shrinkage.We can't avoid the cotton hotel textile shrinkage problem. So the delivery size is commonly larger than the after wash size.