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Sidefu walks with high technology

Nov 12, 2018

Today's tourism industry is in full swing. This boom has also infected and affected the booming of the hotel industry. In this intellectualized era, after the emergence of Ma Yun’s unmanned supermarket, the idea of Alibaba future hotel is proposed.

Use VR to get hotel real scene

The photos you see on the hotel reservation app are limited. The room type and facilities shown in the photo give you five-star luxury. However, you will find a world of difference when you go into the hotels. Of course, people will not give you a refund. Alibaba Future Hotel will introduce the hot VR (virtual reality) technology into the online selection. On the Alibaba Travel App, users can see the real scene from the lobby to the guest room through the built-in VR function. Compared with the traditional 360-degree panoramic picture room environment display, the VR room selection is more realistic.

Intelligent sensor to help high service

Sensing devices in the hotel's scene application has undergone an upgrade from standard to high. Guests can voice control the facilities in the room, the lighting, air conditioning, TV, curtains, etc. Just as easy as calling Siri! There is also a super human service function, if the guest walks out of the room, the elevator will automatically wait! The elevator will automatically respond to the wait when the guest leaves the room, saving the passengers a boring waiting time.

Returning to the truth is the future journey

Obviously, Alibaba Future Hotel, as a hotel that attracts attention at home and abroad, must be very strict in the hotel linen that will affect the sleeping quality. In terms of the bedding, bath towels, etc. Ali Hotel chose Jiangsu Sidefu Textile Co., Ltd., which has many years of experience in hotel linen. Alibaba Future Hotel ordered the buckwheat pillow, jasmine pillow, cassia pillow, lavender pillow, mint pillow, tea pillow, etc., to meet the sleep needs of different groups of people.

Sidefu Textile has also carefully prepared a series of products for Alibab Future Hotel, only to meet everyone's pursuit of future hotel accommodation experience.