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Pure Cotton Hotel Bedding, Is It Good?

Apr 19, 2018

Pure cotton bedding is the first choice for hotel linen. Comparing pure cotton bedding with polyester-cotton products, the benefits of pure cotton are self-evident.

For example, cheap polyester-cotton quilt cover,sheets, sleeping on the top, there will be such as needle-like discomfort, compared to the comfort and softness of cotton bedding, customers certainly prefer the 100 cotton bedding set. Therefore, when choosing hotel bedding fabrics, we must buy good quality products.Although the higher the density is,but after all, the hotel room suite must allow the customer to sleep comfortably to win more customers.

In general, the prices of cotton fabrics for four-piece beddings for express hotels will not be less than one hundred yuan. If the price is lower than 100, it is necessary to consider whether the suppliers have mixed cotton.

There are three types of fabric weave: plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave. Plain weave is generally the same as the front and back fabric patterns; twill is different; satin fabric is smooth and comfortable.

Of course, cotton is also divided into many types, such as high-quality cotton, medium-grade cotton, etc., what kind of activity, half-activity and so on.And the price is different. At that time, you can see what you bought and how much weight I feel. Whether it's density or workmanship, or weight, it's different in textures.

Pure cotton feels good, comfortable to use, easy to dye, rich variety of flowers, soft and warm, strong moisture absorption, washable, with less static electricity, is a widely used material for bedding. The high weft and high density jacquard cotton fabrics have particularly high weft and weft densities, and the weaving methods vary greatly.

We warmly remind our customers: Purchasing hotel bedding is not only to consider the budget and price, but also to purchase a quality of hotel life.

The quality of sleep at the hotel must be guaranteed. The use of high-quality hotel linen is an important measure to ensure high quality slee. If the hotel is equipped with comfortable hotel bedding, it will naturally bring consumers the most comfortable protection. 

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