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Purchasing hotel linen before knowing what you need

Oct 23, 2018

Standard  hotels have clear standards when choosing hotel bedding, whether the matching plan of products or product quality. We generally divide the hotel room types into: standard rooms, double bed rooms, and suites. For example, four-star hotels and five-star hotels have several room types than ordinary hotels, such as executive suites or luxury suites.

The main components of hotel bedding are roughly divided into these categories. Such as: sheets, quilt cover, pillowcase, pillows,duvets,mattress pad,  towel, bed skirt, bed cushion, etc. If it is a star hotel, special consideration should be given to the mattress topper(generally based on down, the main feature is to increase the softness and comfort of the surface of the bedding). Hotel sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are referred to as four-piece bedding sets. The hotel room bedding is designed to give users peace of mind and a good sleep experience. The 100 cotton beding set is the most suitable bedding. Its main features are pure cotton and healthy. The duvet, the pillow, the mattress protector and the cushion belong to the core product. This type of product features are more diverse. Because the functions of these types of products are not the same, so when choosing cotton core bedding, they must also match according to the star rating of the hotel.

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The three kinds of hotel beddings, such as bed runner, bed skirts and cushion covers, are  referred to as decorative linen. The main feature of decorative linen is to play a decorative role. Most of the hotel decorative linen are based on the main color of the hotel's guest room decoration.