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How to prolong the lifetime of hotel linens

Dec 25, 2018

1. What is the lifetime of the linen?

      The linen used in the hotel has a certain life span, so in addition to the normal washing of the cotton hotel linens, the hotel laundry room must also maintain the linens to maximize the service life and reduce the damage rate. If it is used overdue, there will be serious damage to the linens, and the use of the damaged hotel linens will affect the quality of hotel service.

       Generally speaking, the washing times of cotton linens are as follows´╝Ü cotton sheets and pillowcases, 130~150 times; polycotton (65% polyester, 35% cotton) , 180~220 times; towels, 100~110 times; tablecloths, napkins, 120~130 times. But that's according to the standard of world high-star hotels. So circumstances alter cases.

2.How to increase the lifetime of hotel linens?

   1. Using detergents properly,choosing right time and temperature, understanding the basic characteristics of detergents and how to use them. Try to avoid direct contact with some corrosive chemicals.

   2. Do a good job of sorting before washing, including the sorting of the linens and the separation of debris.

   3. Always check the machine, care should be taken to collect and transport thelinend to prevent secondary pollution and man-made damage. The loading should be appropriate (80%~85%), too much or too little will affect the abrasion of the linens.

   4. The classification of new and old linens should be done. The new and old linens should be treated differently. The strength of  them is different.

     Another point directly related to the lifetime of the linens is to avoid "fatigue use", that is, washing them in the same day will accelerate the shortening of the life of the cloth. It should be at least 24 hours or more, so the life of the linens will be longer.