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Hotel slippers show the every details

Aug 25, 2018

There are many types of hotel slippers. Based on different fabric , the value from low to high is: non-woven, velvet, brush, terry, cut pile, waffle,etc.


In general, small hotel hotels use disposable non-woven slippers; mid-end hotels use velvet,brush slippers; and high-end hotels prefer terry cloth like terry, cut velvet, waffle,etc.

The terry cloth is not only soft, comfortable,  but also has excellent water absorption.Moreover, the waffle fabric has a nice shape and a unique style. The soft and delicate touch combined with the excellent  breathability can make the skins feel comfortable and pleasant.


Hotel slippers, in addition to different materials, in order to ensure the safety of customers when wearing slippers, there are different selection criteria for the soles.For example, the slippers provided by Sheraton Hotel, whether they are embroidery style, waffle style or velour style have thicker soles.

Many hotel slippers styles can not only reflect the brand's characteristics, but also have a high value and style, which makes people feel good about the hotel.


The details show the taste, and the design of the slippers that fits the culture of the hotel not only enhances the grade of the hotel, but also captures the hearts of the guests in an instant.