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Comfortable pillow assures you a good sleep

Jun 13, 2018

In general, if your pillow is feather&down or synthetic, it is recommended to replace it every 18 months (pillow). If it is a memory foam pillow, change it every 3 years. But this is all about experience. 

There are some tips to avoid these problems.

It is best to hang the clothes in a special place instead of piled on the bed or thrown on the bedside. Because pollen, dust and other substances easily stick to the clothes, so the bed is damaged.

Do not read old books in bed. Dirty old books will have mold, you can use an e-reader to read on the bed.

It is better to keep the interior dark as you sleep, because the darkness is conducive to the secretion of melatonin and can make you sleep more.

Keeping the sleeping environment slightly lower is more likely to fall asleep.

Do not eat for a short time before going to bed.

The choice of comfortable mattresses, some people mistakenly believe that the hard mattress is better for people's health, in fact, it is a misunderstanding, in order to fit the human physiological curve, the best choice is the soft mattresses.