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Bath towel

Oct 21, 2016

A variety of bath towels. Pure cotton yarn as raw material. Saori weave bath towels towels and line types. Terry heights and densities higher than the washcloth, towel and dense, water-absorbing water storage and warmth than other towels. Mainly used for after bath brush, cover, anti-cool is often used to cover the body. Most of us choose bath towels are pure cotton, absorbs water easily.

Most types of towels is to keep moisture in the yarn and yarn, bamboo fiber bath towel you inhale water directly into fiber, bamboo fiber bath towel has a better absorption capacity.

When choosing bath towels to determine quality good is to see thick coils tightly woven towel for maximum absorption. Towel loop, the more solid, it is made up of more yarn, naturally, can be on fire from the body more quickly. Some favoured velour bath towel, velvet is in the process of making, cut yarn, make it shorter. Shorter the coil slightly less absorbent, but as long as it is dry, rather than rub, will not affect the overall performance of the bath towel. A quality towel if properly cared for, are available for ten years.