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Basic classification

Oct 20, 2016

Classification of Pillow also varied, the ancients have the pillows is classified into winter pillow, pillow or soft and hard pillow, this category is very much in the way of summer like a cool pillow, pursuit of warm pillow in the winter, it was like a firm pillow, some like soft pillows. Modern people pillow features in accordance with different into pillows, lumbar pillow, pillow, ear, knee pillow, etc. And from pillow core material Shang classification on more has: Jade, and magnet, stone class pillow; ebony, and cedar, wood class pillow; summary Atsuko, and Silkworm sand, and chrysanthemum, medicine pillow; cotton, and acquisition velvet and the various chemical fiber pillow, soft pillow class, also has water pillow, and gas pillow, and tea pillow, pillow, suitable of treasure of Pillow world, currently including has 12 big class, more than 50 more class function. These pillows are in a different era, with different characteristics are loved by people, the performance of practicality also have their pros and cons