5 star hotel Duck Down Pillow

High Qualtiy Wholesale white Duck Down Pillow Quick Details Description White down pillow with removable cover provides medium density; ideal for back sleepers; made in China Standard-size pillow measures 20 by 26 inches; 1-inch gusset 400-thread-count cotton striped dobby cover; single-chamber...

Product Details


  1. Sidefu 100 cotton duck down pillow chooses the big duck down flowers from duck's belly,which are of high quality,elasticity and can keep you warm.

  2. The duck down pillow outer filling chooses white duck down,which is fluffy.And the inner filling chooses white duck down feather,which gives the pillow a good support.

  3. About the pillow fabric,Sidefu chooses downproof fabric to prevent the down coming from it.The down products all have Nomite certificate.

 4.Nomal size is 48*74cm and the filling is a mix of 50% white duck down and 2-4cm duck down feather.


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