Luxury Hotel Unisex Men Women Double Layer Microfiber Bathrobe

Sidefu Textile, well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various linen products in China, is equipped with hundreds of professional staff and advanced equipment. We have served many five-star hotels and owned good reputation for the quality of our products. Now,...

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 Luxury hotel Unisex Men Women double layer Microfiber bathrobe


  1. Sidefu microfiber bathrobe in outer fabric we use polyester/nylon blend,inner fabric we use cotton/polyester blend

  2. Though the microfiber bathrobe we use polyester fabric outside,it is very soft anf fluffy.

  3. The reason why we don't use 100 cotton inside,that is because 100 cotton fabric is easy to shrink,when having been washed,it will get tighter inside and loose outside,which affects the apperance

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