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Marco Polo Hotels (Chinese: 馬哥孛羅酒店集團) is a hotel management company based in Hong Kong that operates hotelsin Hong Kong, China and the Philippines. Its hotels in Hong Kong are all located within Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wharf (Holdings) Limited. The company's chairman is Stephen Ng, Chairman and Managing Director of Wharf (Holdings) Limited. 

The company was founded in Hong Kong in 1986. Following the success of its first 664-room flagship Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel and the growing Asian economy, the company opened two more hotels in Hong Kong: the Gateway Hotel with 433 rooms in 1982, and the 393-room Prince Hotel in 1984. All three properties are part of Harbour City, Hong Kong's largest shopping and commercial centre.

The three Hong Kong hotels were initially managed by The Peninsula Group in Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels. In 1986 Wharf decided, based on the commercial success of the three hotels, to start its own hotel management company under the name Marco Polo International, with the objective to further develop hotels in the region.

In 1989 Wharf bought Omni Hotels in North America. The hotel division was rebranded as Omni Hotels Asia-Pacific, creating global marketing synergies with the Omni brand. In 1996 Wharf sold Omni Hotels North America and the Hong Kong hotel division was rebranded as the Marco Polo Hotels Group.

Current locations of Marco Polo hotels are in Hong Kong (Marco Polo Hong Kong, Gateway and Prince Hotel), mainland China (Marco Polo Parkside Beijing, Marco Polo Wuhan, Marco Polo Xiamen, Marco Polo Jinjiang, Marco Polo Shenzhen, Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan and Marco Polo Changzhou and the Philippines (Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Marco Polo Davao and the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila). Niccolo by Marco Polo was recently added to the group’s portfolio as the new luxury collection. Its first hotel opened in Chengdu in April 2015 and is located within International Finance Square (IFS) in the centre of the city.

A pipeline of one new Marco Polo hotel and three new Niccolo hotels will bring the total number under the Marco Polo portfolio to 18 by 2018. Marco PoloChangsha will open in 2018 while Niccolo Chongqing will open in 1Q 2017, with Niccolo Changsha and Niccolo Suzhou opening in 2018.